Monday, November 10, 2008

Lucky Bug

I do not like spiders they give me the heby jeby's. when I saw this one I asked my Wh if he would get rid of it for me, but he said since it is in our bush out in the front yard far from the house, he wanted to leave it there. I reluctantly said ok. Him & the kids check on it daily and have watched it grow bigger. I couldn't even take these pictures (WH did). It is beautiful in a "God created nature" kind of way, but if I see you in my house, I am squishing you!


The Mom said...

Great shots!! I now have the heeby jeebies.

Ranch Girl said...

Oh, you so wouldn't like life on our orange ranch. And, we too, have a 'pet' spider outside - it's in our back patio - we ruined it's web once, and he even ended up on our doorknob when my husband walked into the web. But, I had him put the beautiful creature back near the plant he was in, and he has a brand new web and is living where all of his food supply was too! I am so pleased to have saved him (or her)!

Mountain Woman said...

I don't like spiders either. But the photos were beautiful! I sure hope he doesn't find his way into the house. EEEK.