Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello Monday!

First of all my thoughts & prayers go out to all people & families that was affected by IKE.

On a lighter note, I am already looking forward to the weekend. Sunday is WH & I, Anniversary. This will be our 12th. So Friday we leave with the kids in tow, to his sister’s home about 2 ½ hours away. That night I get to visit my friend W at her home for a Bunco game.( crossing fingers I win!) Then on Saturday we leave the kids with my sister in law and WH & I head about 45 min away in the mountains to our hotel. Then Sunday we will get the kids and come home. We don’t get out much especially alone so I am so excited. Especially since this weekend was no fun at all. I spent most of Sunday scrubbing toilets & floors. I am so sore, I just want to lie in bed all day! But my bathrooms are sparkling; I just wish the rest of the house was! That is one more reason why I believe God only gives us what we can handle. He knows I couldn’t handle a bigger house! :0)

The rest of Sunday was spent watching the Nascar race where my favorite (Jamie Mac) got knocked out of the race in the middle! UGH. At least the guy who one, I also like and he hasn't had a win in over a year so congrats to Greg Biffle! Luckily the race ended in plenty of time to be ready for church, (we meet in the evenings). I am on the worship team in our church. Don't be too impressed, it is only me & the worship leader who plays the guitar. As we were practicing he tells me " I would like you to lead this first chorus." Que heart dropping into stomach, " sure" I say. So I do it and I don't sound bad, but I shook through the whole thing! I know God likes to put me in uncomfortable situations, cause that is how we grow, but it is so hard cause I am totally a creature of habit! I made my self do it because if God has that much faith in me, shouldn't I?

Also, Thanks everyone who posted how much they like my cards. I love making cards and I can't take complete credit I do get allot of my ideas from a stamping community that is just so wonderful. they have TONS of ideas. I usually pick out my 4 favorites and then tweak them to make them my own. some time they look very similar and other times they look completely different! here is the link if any one is interested in seeing some wonderful ideas:


I have been tagged, By Elizabeth, But I am going to save it for my “Fun Fact Friday” look for that, obviously on Friday!


The Mom said...

Happy 12th, it our 12th year too!! Enjoy your getaway, it sounds great!

Merrie said...

Happy Anniversary to you two! We're hitting 9 on Thursday, but it's pretty ho-hum.
Enjoy your night off! Those are always good for us as couples.