Saturday, September 13, 2008

Siesta Saturday

Question: Do you have any dream place or even a country, where you want to live and what is so special about it that you wish you can live there?

Answer: I would love to live in Seattle or Oregon, even though I have never been to Seattle and visited Oregon once. I love the overcast rainy weather there, and they are less expensive than California. Right now I live in almost perfect weather, and that is important to me, if it was only a place I could afford a home and had a few more places to eat/shop, it would be perfect.

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Mountain Woman said...

That's a fun meme. I've never been to Seattle but I imagine it must be very beautiful. I love those grey, rainy days too.

Vicki G. said...

You're always welcome in Virginia! :) We have very reasonable cost of living, more affordable homes and low taxes plus all four seasons. Oh yes, and overflowing iced tea!

Merrie said...

I've always thought Tuscany might be very peaceful and romantic, but that might be because of a few movies. Either way, I'd love to visit, at least!

Breanne said...

Oh Maui, Hawaii - if I was not thinking about cost of living or anything like that. I love that you have the beach and the mountains. One day you can swim at the beach the next go hiking. The waether is so great. It is way to expensive though.

The Mom said...

Ooh....Kauai fo sho! ;) I've only been there once and it was everything I had ever dreamed. It was beautiful and just pure paradise!