Sunday, August 10, 2008

I’ve been down

No not sad, just off line! Ugh, you never know how much you do on line until you don’t have it!!
But we had a fond farewell to summer. Next weekend is the official last weekend of summer but it is also my birthday (yikes) so we went to the beach this weekend to say Adios summer!

Then Sunday we did what we always do (aside from church) watch the NASCAR race. I do enjoy watching them. We have been to quite a few races, 2 this year, one in Sonoma and one in Las Vegas. Well if you check out some of the guys driving you might see why I love this sport. Here is my favorite, Jamie McMurray:

He is adorable, He finished 16th today which is pretty good for him.
Well I am almost through a week of blogging and it has been fun, I just hope I don't run out of things to blog about. I saw a shirt that said " I might blog about this" I thought that was hilarious! This blogging thing has opened me up to a whole new world!

1 comment:

Merrie said...

Do you especially like him because his name is Jamie? ;)

As for your bday -- let's be sure to celebrate!