Friday, August 8, 2008

Berry Fun

Reading Mer’s post (@ sleepless mornings) of her plans for the weekend to go berry picking, reminded me of my first time berry picking (WH loves this story, makes him chuckle). It was with the younger girls, we took a field trip with the moms group. It was a beautiful day and we had our container ready and we followed everyone to the bushes. Well being that I never have been berry picking or even asked what kind of berries I was picking, I noticed there were 2 kinds of berries, bright red berries and dark red ones. I thought I was picking raspberries, so I told the girls to get the bright red ones but they could pick a few of the dark ones too. So we fill our container and we take it up to the guy at the stand. I give him the container and he is just looking at me.

Guy ”You know you can’t eat those right?”
Me ” no, why?”
Guy “Well these are not ripe yet, you needed to pick the blackberries,
if you eat these you will be sick”
Me “oh really? Great”
Guy (slightly laughing) “well I won’t charge you for those, because you can’t eat them.”
Me” Thanks”
I was so embarrassed I didn't even pick any more. But I did take a picture, and we did have fun. We have gone back, but only strawberries so far, I know which ones of those to pick.


Rochelle said...

The girls look so tiny! Cute story. R

eminds me of my mango selection on a trip to the grocery store in Hawaii. The clerk just looked and me and shook his head. I'm sure he was thinking "Stupid Mainlander!" but he kindly gave us advice on the right ones to take home.

Zen Ventures said...

I didn't know that either. Oh well, at least I know what to pick when I go picking!- not my nose I hope! :)

xox Maricris xox

The Mom said...

I'm such a berry-picking novice I wouldn't have known that either!!

Merrie said...

Too bad I wasn't with you. And my fave ones are the almost black but still a little red variety. Tart and delicious!