Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Almost Done

I would say it started about January, my tooth was sensitive to cold and I couldn't chew very well on the right side. I thought when I get my teeth cleaned in Feb. I will have her check it out. So my cleaning came and my dentist x-rayed my tooth and said there wasn’t anything there that she could see. So she sent me home with sensodine toothpaste. The paste didn’t help and I kept getting pain off and on I just dealt with it. Until one day in June, I had unbelievable pain in my mouth on the right side. I was almost crying. I called the dentist and begged to be brought in. She took more x-rays and said it look like I need a root canal. Well I was leaving for the nascar race in 3 days and she needed time for the antibiotics to kick in so I had to wait over a week for her to get drilling on it. I have to say, next to Labor, this was a close second in pain. I usually do not take medicine (I hate swallowing pills) but I lived on Vicodin! The pain woke me up every night to take more meds! So finally I got the root canal done. What a relief. But I have to wait 2 weeks for the crown. Ok so I go in and they rip I mean, rip off the temporary and go to put on the crown…. Doesn’t fit. ( #@!*) they put on another temporary and I have to wait again. Which leads me to my point… Tomorrow I am getting the crown put on! ( Hallelujah! angel choir is singing) I cannot wait to get this long ordeal over with.


The Mom said...

Ugh, what a PAIN, literally! I hope you are feeling better soon!

Merrie said...

Oh I've been there! The root canal is a relief and a walk in the park compared to the crown ordeal. I have three crowns, now, and all were a miserable experience. I'm glad yours is almost over!! **hugs**