Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another Award?

Ok today I am giving myself ….. A vent!

Cause I need to vent.

First off I am on my daughter’s school PTO board; I am co- vice president. I love it. One of my jobs is making the newsletter. I love making it but it does take time. Which is fine cause what is my alternative? Laundry, Dishes… oh fun. Anywho we have to have everything we pass out translated into Spanish, which would be no big deal if one of us spoke Spanish. We have been asking the parents for a Spanish translator for 2 years, no volunteer. Last year the ladies in the office translated it for us. So we thought we would just put out our first newsletter and announce we would be placing the next newsletters on our new website. Which saves us money on copies and the need for a translator. So I take my newsletter in on Friday and left it on the principals desk and told the secretary, unless the office translates this we will just have to send it out in English. We heard no word about it so we make plans to get the copies dome on Monday morning. We meet up and the president went to get the original from the office, they said it cannot go out unless it is translated. Unfortunately no one has time to do” all this work “ for us. Fine, So me & the other VP translate the documents using word, there is a translating feature. Sure it probably is not the correct dialect but not really caring at this point, we need to get this letter out cause we want people to come to our meeting. We go back and let them know it is translated. They(of course) want to see it, they look at it and Say it isn’t right you need to change it. Well I don’t speak Spanish how can I change it? So the principal says she will ask a
bi-lingual teacher if one of them can do it. We can’t even get them to come to the PTO meetings (that is another vent)!
So we are stuck with a newsletter we can’t get out, we probably look so unorganized, who is going to want to join us? I am upset that it is a district policy that anything we send home has to be in Spanish, but then provides no translator for this. What is up with that? We have a call in the district office and waiting to see if a teacher will step up. Thanks for reading my vent and I will post the outcome when I have an outcome.

Besides venting, last night I went to Bargain Basement Bunco! I call it that cause it is only $5 to play! I am always looking for a deal. This is my 3rd Bunco this month and I still haven’t won anything! Had a great time with the girls, in our P.J’s, good food, and teddy bears! It was beary sweet, the hostess JJ gave us all little bears to take home. As you can see, mine is enjoying its new home!


The Mom said...

See now if I would have kept up my Spanish training, i'd help out. How frustrating. How can people complain about not having the translation in Spanish, but at the same time not take some time to help out. GRR.

I'm sorry I missed Bunco, but I did see your hub and the girls at the band meeting!

Merrie said...

Wouldn't it be nice to have a school with a big fat budget and plenty of money to throw around? Are there even places like that? You're a brave woman to be on the PTO. I'll have to try out our new school and see.

Your bear looks happy. Mine's hanging from my bed.

Elizabeth Channel said...

Fun! I used to play bunco and now you are making me miss it!

Hope that other issue gets worked out!

jen jen said...

Sucks!!! You try to be involved and help!!! What would happen if all the parents just threw up their hands and walked away?? They would be hating life!
Bunco - "sniff, sniff" - thanks Jamey!