Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thoughts for the day

They must be High!

I got my newsletter back for me to re type in Spanish!!

I hope they are joking and this is all a set up cause I have way too much blogging uhh I mean, work to do at home to re do this newsletter! As you can tell, we are still looking for someone to translate it.

On a happier note, Little Mermaid 3 comes out today and I am so excited. The little mermaid is my favorite movie. I am sure the 3rd installment will not be as great, but I am happy to see Ariel again. (Useless knowledge update: The woman, who is the voice of Ariel, was in enchanted, she played the secretary of Mc dreamy. There was another famous princess voice in that movie can you tell me who it was?)


The Mom said...

OMG what a royal stink!

Yay for Ariel!!

Merrie said...

Belle and Pocahontas, right? I loved all the references in that movie, and loved even more that it was narrated by Julie Andrews. I adore her.

Good luck translating! (not)

Zen Ventures said...

Oh that isn't good! I know someone who can translate it for you but oh well...My daughter loves Ariel too! I bet she's gonna watch that movie too.

Elizabeth Channel said...

Well, I'm just thankful you told me about the movie because this is the first movie I can see with my only girl who just turned 3! The boys won't want to see this so I'll get to have a fun time with her alone!