Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Fragments

Sometime I need more fragments!
I had pre- ordered Jeremy Camp’s new album, and expected to wait until later this week to get it. But to my surprise in the mail I got my fan pack! Yay! I am so excited! Here is what I received in the pack:
CD, DVD (a devotional of each song), 3 pictures, a sticker, a bracelet (says speak up, speak now, speak loud), and the piece De resistance (SP?) : An autographed CD jacket!!!!

Plus I got this all 2 days before it was released, It officially comes out today! So what are you waiting for go get yours! ( I have already listened to it, it is AWESOME!)

I also took my girls to go see Bolt, yesterday. It was so good! That hamster is a scene stealer. I even teared up! It really is a sweet movie that the whole family will enjoy.

I Just cannot wait for my WH to get back home, he will be home tomorrow!! 10 days is way tooooo long! BTW he totally wants to have traditional thanksgiving for his birthday, so turkey time on Thursday.

oh one more thing, we have a Sonic drive in that just opened up about 2 weeks ago in the next town over. My WH has been to one before on one of his trips, and told me to skip it. I have seen commercials and I thought it looked pretty good plus me & hubby differ on what is good in food. So i decided to try it. I pulled in and ordered onion rings , corn dog, & milk shake. How can that go wrong? Well, I have to say it was terrible, the corn dog was soggy, the onion rings just were terrible, the milk shake was ok, but nothing to be excited about or to wash the taste out of my mouth! I took 2 bites of the corn dog & 2 onion rings and then threw them away. You have to know if it's fried, it has to be pretty bad for me not to eat it! I couldn't believe people were lined up for this! oh well, I guess I will not be going there again.

Happy Monday!


Merrie said...

Thanks for the tip on Sonic. Haven't been, but your the 2nd person to tell me it's not worth it. There you go!
Glad E gets back tomorrow. Ten days IS long. yikes.
And NICE on the fan pack -- very cool!

Elizabeth Channel said...

I am so glad to hear a favorable report on Bolt. I hadn't looked it up on Dobson or anything but as long as you think it's good, I trust your opinion and I'll take my children.

Can't wait to hear the new Jeremy Camp CD. That's so neat you got an autographed CD!

Mrs4444 said...

Wow! I hope you saved some more fragments for Friday, LOL. :) Looks like you hit the motherlode with that package. I'm getting anxious for my Secret Santa package. Plus, I mailed mine 10 days ago but haven't heard a word from the recipient; I hope she gets it!

P.S. Thanks for your comment on my family identity post; you sound like a wonderful mom.

Liz said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I've never had a bad Sonic meal! Maybe you just need to come to Texas & try our Sonic. It is sooooooooo good!

Shannon said...

I've had a bad Sonic experience at one place and a good one at another. Ours has great burgers but I'm not a fan of their chicken nuggets. I like their tater tots but they're really salty and I like salt. So maybe yours isn't that great or try something else. One time they were giving away free banana splits and when we went they were about the size of your thumb. The free ones, not their normal ones. :)

Ali said...

Yeah, I think it all depends on the Sonic. The one near my house is good but the one my sister goes to is awful--there's no manager on duty and it's just a bunch of kids running the show. I love the frito chili pie wrap and cherry dr. peppers:)

P.S. I really like Jamie McMurray too! He and Elliott are actually pretty good friends away from the track I think. We've been going to the fall race in TX for the past several years and we always have so much fun! Nice to see another NASCAR fan!

Mountain Woman said...

Sorry about your experience Sonic. We had one in Virginia where I used to do and it was really good; especially their cheese coated fries.
I didn't go there often because everything was so high in calories but it was worth the trip when I did. Maybe different parts of the country are different?

Vicki G. said...

You have to try the Sonic Lime Slush - those are pretty darn good. I don't eat their food either - it's awful! Here they have a couple of hours where all their drinks are half off.

I will have to get the Jeremy Camp CD, I enjoy his music too.