Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Fragments

Yay we have our flute back! 7 weeks & $200 later! I hate to say this but it doesn’t look as new as I thought it would, the biggest difference it the pads on the keys. Oh well I have to look at it as an investment cause SS love to play, she was one of 2 girls in her flute class to have her notes down well enough to get sheet music sent home, she is so excited!


OK I bought tickets in advance for High school musical 3, we are going Sunday morning, ( My church meet in the evening) I cannot wait, I bought the sound track on Tuesday and it sounds like a winner!


Did anyone watch the 20/20, John Stossel's special on politics? Wow it was an eye opener. It made me mad, and wish we could do more about what goes on in Washington. It also made me realize the president doesn’t have all the power to do most of the things they claim! If you haven’t seen it they have it on ABC’s website.


Tuesday Tinkerbell's’s new movie comes out on DVD and so does Kit Kidridge: an American girl! Great I want them both. We saw Kit in the movies, it is a wonderful & heartwarming story. You know you are old when in the kids’ movie you no longer check out the lead character but drool over their dad!

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Have a great weekend!


The Mom said...

Did you buy the HSM tickets for Sunday because they were sold out for today and tomorrow or just day of choice??

Mandy said...

I didn't see the ABC thingy...but checking it out now!! :)

Tammy W said...

Yikes $200.00. Josh needs his trumpet repadded & a new mouthpiece...yikes!

Mrs4444 said...

Dropped Kendall and a friend off at the 7pm show (bought their tickets on line... Guess I'd better get prepared to not get those songs out of my head :)

Vicki G. said...

I took my daughter to HSM3 yesterday. She loved it. It is way different watching it on the big screen as opposed to the home t.v. The musical scenes were larger than life. My sons couldn't wait to get out of there!