Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun Fact Friday!

Of course my WH is always 1st on my list, but these guys are the next.....
Here are my top 5 guys I would love to meet!

Jeremy Camp, he rocks! Seen him in concert 2 times.

Jamie Mc Murray, Nascar driver # 26
Orlando Bloom, the hottest pirate ever!

My high school sweet heart, Jonathan Knight, from the new kids on the block!

(oh yes I am a huge fan)

Stephen Colbert, Humor means allot to me and this guy makes me roll, I don't like politics but his show "The Colbert Report" keeps me in the loop (sad I know). I watch him Religiously.

If you do this on your blog, leave a comment so I can check out your 5!
Have a great weekend!

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Regina said...

hummm, hummm, hummm @ Orlando Bloom!