Monday, August 18, 2008

The best gift ever

So yesterday was my birthday and I just have to tell you about how sweet my kids are. A friend of mine took my younger kids to target and gave them each $10 for them to spend on whatever they wanted. Well they told her it was my birthday and they wanted to each buy me a present for my birthday. When they got home they had these huge presents and I said, “you should have gotten something for your selves not for me”. My Daughter SS said “we have everything we need, we have plenty of toys and we really wanted to get you something with or own money.” I was tearing up cause it was so sweet of them to be so unselfish, and I thought to myself, Maybe I have done something right! So I open my presents and SS got me 4 red dishes and WO got me 4 red bowls to match. Well I gushed over them, of course they don’t match anything I own, but I can’t wait to use them cause I am so proud of my girls. They are the best gift ever!

Here they are on their first day of school.


The Mom said...

Oh my gosh what sweethearts!

Happy Belated birthday!! You, K2, G, Reg, so many August bdays!! We need to have a "didn't go to Vegas" after party!!

The girls look adorable, hope they had a great day!

Zen Ventures said...

Belated Happy Birthday Jamey! Aw they are so sweet. YOu're blessed! you're girls are so cute. I hope they had fun on their first day in school.

Rochelle said...

BEAUTIFUL! Happy Belated Birthday to YOU! What sweet girls. I love this story and hope to, someday, have a story like this to tell! Who's the friend? Maybe she can take my kids to Target next May????

Jo-Jo said...

First of all HAPPY BE-LATED BIRTHDAY! You have some wonderful little sweethearts there! Not many kids would even think to do that for their mom. I certainly think you did something right!