Friday, April 24, 2009

At my kids school we are having a rummage sale this weekend. I bought a space and will be selling a lot of kids stuff. I am just excited to get this stuff out of my garage and maybe make a few bucks!


I went to a 2 day Memory conference this week, it was very cool. It does require me to practice doing the techniques, which I am not great at practicing anything. I am going to try and help my daughter memorize her lines for a play. I am sure it will be easy using what I have learned.


I got a letter from school that my youngest (WO), her poem has been selected to be put in the Young American Poetry Digest, Book! I am so proud! The Teacher took the kids out to lie on the grass and look at the clouds and then brought them in to write a poem about them. She sent in all the poems, and a few from the class got chosen.


I actually have a Job interview on Wednesday. It is for a job at a preschool. My girls went to this preschool and I still work there every month for a friend (It’s a co-op). I am excited, especially because I can do it while my kids are in school and have time to do stuff at their school too!


I am also excited because I am hosting Bunko this month, my theme…. Twilight! The guests can dress as a vampire, o a Twilight Fan. I am serving Raviolis (what Bella Ate in the restaurant with Edward). I am decorating with apples and I am making vampire cupcakes. I even made a slide show to play with the soundtrack. I am going all out, cause it’s fun!


Happy Friday!
For More Friday Fragments, check out Mrs.4444! Have a great weekend!


I am Harriet said...

Very cool stuff. The poetry award sound pretty cool!

Smoochiefrog said...

How cool for your daughter! Congrats to her!

Mrs4444 said...

Good luck on the job interview; since they know you, you're probably a shoe-in!

I'd write more, but I forgot when I wanted to say; maybe I need that class :)

Pouty Lips said...

Your bunko party sounds so fun. I love bunko because it takes no skill at all - only luck.

I thank God every day for what I call the "Art fairies" who are disguised as teachers. They are the ones who organize such things as tactile poetry writing and first grade operas. I truly believe that it is the liberal arts that get us through all of the "downers" in life.

Liz said...

Let us know how the interview goes. I'm a preschool teacher & I love it!!!