Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Tuesday?

That was fast, being home with the kids on Monday made me forget it was Tuesday!
Lots of stuff going on at my house (good & bad), keeps me away from blogging, *Sigh*
But here I am.

Wow in a few minutes we will have a new president! No I didn't vote for the new guy, but I am very excited for America. I honestly do feel sorry for Bush. Yes I know he wasn't articulate, and made bad choices, but to have people boo you or be cheering because your leaving, yikes it has to hurt. I will be keeping our new president in my prayers.

Well I read "The Shack" I thought it was very good, not perfect but a good read. I can see why it relates to allot of people. If you have read it, leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it.

Almost had a puppy this weekend! A friend of mine needed to get rid of her dog cause her son is allergic. She was a Basset hound. the night before we were going to pick her up I called and made arrangements and said, "ok I am telling my kids tonight, so this is a for sure deal right?"
Needless to say the girls were beyond excited! Only the next morning I got a phone call. Her son hadn't broken out all day and they want to wait. so by the end of the day, she called again and told me they are keeping her. UGH! Things work out ( or don't) for a reason, and it wasn't our time for the dog, I just wish I hadn't told the kids!

Happy Inauguration day!


The Mom said...

Oh no what a bummer about the puppy, I know what you mean about telling the kids! :(

Ali said...

Poor kids! Now they're REALLY gonna want a puppy!

Wasn't that awful about people booing Pres. Bush? (sigh)

angiejmq said...

I enjoyed reading The Shack. I didn't agree with everything in it, but I was able to set that aside and appreciate the story. I love the message that God is close to the broken--we all need to be reminded of that often.