Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Fragments

Yes, that was a baby lion cub WO was petting. They were feeding it a bottle to keep it occupied while people that were lined up were petting it. I thought it was an awesome experience to be that close up to a lion cub.

Yay they are moving my mom’s remodeling to next summer! So I have some time to prepare for her stay!

I am ready for WH to return! 5 days down 5 to go!

In our town and a neighboring town there has been 2 murdered children, one little 2 yr old girl was suffocated by her mother, and an 18 month yr old girl was shot twice in the head & chest by her mother! I will be praying for these families as my heart breaks for the babies that have taken from this earth way too early.

On a lighter note, I am excited that bolt opens this weekend, I hope to take the girls to see it!
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Amy said...

I love the idea of the date on the side! How original and cute!

Be Blessed!

Amy (Honestly)

Merrie said...

I heard about the one child but not the other. My heart breaks at news like this. The thing that helps me through is something my friend told me last year. That we can grieve for the suffering they endured, but rejoice in knowing they're just fine now, up in heaven, in God's presence. They aren't dwelling on what they went through, and they're no longer suffering. I found that comforting.

Erica said...

I like your bookshelf! I wish mine at home was that neat! And those are adorable petting zoo pictures on your last post! Animals can bring out our sweet side!

Mrs4444 said...

Now that you're all defragged, have nice weekend :) I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow...nite nite.

Mountain Woman said...

We read in the papers and see in the news every day so many horrific things happening to children by their supposed caretakers. I don't understand it and my heart breaks for these babies.