Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Fragments

My Wh will be leaving on Sunday for 10 days! Of course it is over conference week, so every day is minimum day!

My mother’s home is being remodeled, so she will be staying here for a week or so…. Yikes.
I love her but in small doses!


It is supposed to be 86 degrees this weekend….. in November! Crazy!


WH birthday is on thanksgiving this year, haven’t decided if I want to do traditional dinner or something different. Although having a huge turkey is something different than our normal dinners.


Real tree or fake? They are bringing in the Rockefeller tree for NY, they just said it was planted 80 yrs ago! Wow, they just cut it down! I think that is crazy, but how else will they get a tree that big?

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Merrie said...

Longer days with the kids and your mother -- good luck!!

~*Mistee*~ said...

You have an award over on my blog!! Have a great weekend!! :0)

Mrs4444 said...

I've been wanting a fake tree for years; we have a "great room," so our trees need to be big. They take hours to decorate. Fake trees are looking better and better every year, in my opinion.

Tena said...

yikes!! Sending you lots of good thoughts, take deep breaths!

P.S. The monkey's are holding an award for you, go get it!

Tammy W said...

HEY YOU!!! I'm holding an award for you, go get it!

Breanne said...

We are deciding traditional or out to eat bc so much going on this year.

Will she be there when he is gone - that would be helpful.

Mountain Woman said...

A week with your Mother in Law. I hope it goes well for both of you.
I'll be interested to see your dinner choice for Thanksgiving and whether or not you get a real or fake tree. It does seem a shame that such an ancient tree is cut down.
And thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your always thoughtful comments. They make my day special.