Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Home Monday

I only have an after shot, but Merrie @ Sleepless Mornings inspired me with one of her DIY projects(it was a while ago). Mine not as pretty, my hooks are the removable kind, because we rent. But this corner had nothing in it and the back packs were always just laying in the entry way after school. I also had the Flag container in the garage, it was broken. My WH fixed it for me and now I use it to put purses in, so they are ready to go by the door!

Check Out ~LL~ for more ideas!


Merrie said...

Wow, I inspired someone! What a nice feeling. So this is what it's ;) I love what you did and doesn't it just make life easier? We're happy we did that, too.

~LL~ said...


thanks for joining in on my carnival! You are a PEACH!

Mountain Woman said...

Wow, it looks great.

Anonymous said...

I do like this idea. I don't have little ones anymore, but we would have known where they were!