Friday, October 3, 2008

Fun Fact Friday!

Okay This week we are heading back to my childhood, these were some of my favorite toys as a kid:

1. My first Barbie: Super Star Barbie

2. Speak n spell, I still have that voice in my head!

3. Popples!

4. Rainbow Brite

5. Atari

6. Cabbage Patch kid

7. Light Brite, hours of fun!

8. Monchichi.... oh so soft & cuddly!

9. Strawberry shortcake... her hair smelled like strawberries!

10. Strolling bowling.... loved this!Have a great weekend!


Merrie said...

Oh my goodness these take me back! My brother had the Speak and Spell -- I loved it! And the bowling game -- hilarious! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. :)

The Mom said...

Loved Speak and Spell...ahh memories! Monchichi's LOL...i've always likened my boy's hair when it grows out to one of those!! ;)

Have fun at JJ's tonight!

Breanne said...

I loved lite-brite and cabbage patch kids.

Brooks said...

OMGoodness! Speak and Spell and Rainbow Brite! Thanks for bringing back the memories and making me feel old again! hehehe

Annie said...

I loved all of those but don't remember the Popples for some reason!

Vicki G. said...

I loved my Speak and Spell. I played it all the time and I'm a really good speller so it must have worked. Only problem is the voice - I can still hear it too! Also, I loved Munchichis and Cabbage Patch dolls. My Grandmother stood in line at 5 in the morning at the Navy Base to buy one for me for Christmas. I was thrilled.