Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun Fact Friday!

I have been tagged by a wonderful blogger friend Elizabeth from 3 channels. Check out her site she is a great mom with 3 kids and she home schools too! She has tagged me with 6 unspectacular quirks. Since I have posted not too long ago about my other 6 quirks, I am just going to change it up a bit with 3 interesting facts /3 unspectacular quirks.

1. I was an extra on Beverly Hills 90210, when I was 18 yrs. Old! My Brother who worked as an extra during that time knew I loved that show so for my birthday he got me a job on it! Just my luck I come on the day when they are shooting when the girls go to Paris! Ugh no Luke Perry, no Jason Priestly, and no Brian Austin Green (my fav.)! Still a FUN time I will always remember.

2. I had a story of mine published in a book. The book is called Small miracles 2 (It is on my Shelfari). I didn’t write it but I told the Author my story and she wrote it for the book. I almost was selected to go to New York to promote the book on some TV shows but I think I was just too far away.

3. When I was born, I had Blisters all over my body that moved when you touched them, and if I was touched by human hands my skin would split open. I was not born premature but I had to be in an incubator for 2-3 weeks cause no one could hold me. My Mom said there were teams of Dr.s coming in from around the U.S. to see me. Then it just went away. I still have 2 scars from where a blister had opened. My mom has no idea the name of what I had.

4. I hate Trying New Restaurants! This goes under the Quirkiness category. I have a select few restaurants I will eat at and I order the same thing every time. My WH always wants to go into “hole in the wall places” UHM… NO.

5. Disney, another Quirk. If I could live there I would. I love everything Disney. It drives my WH crazy, he can’t stand the place and that’s the only place I want to go! It truly is the happiest place on earth!

6. Checking E-mail! Ugh even I annoy myself with how many times a day I have to check it. It’s the first thing I do when I get home or get up in the morning. I have checked my mail 4 times while writing this!! Why? Don’t know.

The rules for this Meme are:
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I am tagging new friends I would like to know better!
(sorry I don’t know if you have done this before)

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I will be away this weekend ( my Anniversary) So enjoy this all weekend!

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Elizabeth Channel said...

Wow, you are so almost famous! What cool stories.