Friday, September 5, 2008

Fun Fact Friday!

Well I am putting up 10 of my Favorite films ( not Animated, That's another list!) that I could watch over and over and have! I won't put the names see, if you can guess what they are. Of course some are obvious but some may not be. Leave your guesses in the comments.

1. Saw in the theaters 7 times!

2. These guys are HOT!

3. This is a beautiful love story.

4. Flippin Classic.

5. Can't beat the original but I love all of them.

6. Such a great chick flick.

7. Oldie but a goodie.

8. A long movie & a sad story but a great movie.

9. Can't count how many hours I sat in front of the TV watching this on PBS!

10. Love this one, totally great!

Have a great weekend!


The Mom said...

OMG I love Urban Cowboy!!! Seen it about 100 times and love it more each time. I have the soundtrack, our bridal party dance was to "Could I have this dance" that too TMI, now i'm sorta embarassed!

Merrie said...

Wow -- I think I know them all!

1. Titanic
2. Pirates (which one I'm not sure)
3. Something with Veil -- Painted Veil?
4. Princess Bride (as you wish)
5. Star Wars (ooh, Han)
6. Sleepless Morn-- er, in Seattle
7. Urban Cowboy?
8. Legends of the Fall
9. Anne of Green Gables!! I love that you listed this one -- SUCH a favorite of mine, and I have all the books. They're so used from being re-read over and over.
10. 13 going on 30 (fun one - I love JG)

Good game -- Merrie likey

Mountain Woman said...

I know all of the movies but number 3 is one of my favorites (The Painted Veil). It was just so beautiful visually as well as a great story.

Kelli said...

I loved Anne of Avonlea (sp?)!!! I watched that all the time!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Fun list. I think we are kindred spirits. I could have posted this! Anne of Green Gables ~smiles~ and well Princess Bride ~of course~