Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Where did the summer go?

I can't believe in 11 days school is starting again. What happened to my summer? I had it all mapped out, I even made a schedule (where did I put that thing?). well I only have half of the book list filled out for school, I have a box of undone craft projects, and none of the work book pages done that would keep them on track for school. I love the beginning of summer when I make all these plans, I have high hopes I will actually do all these things I plan. Then comes reality and me saying, oh we have plenty of time to do that. Well here I am again at the end of summer saying where did the summer go? I am sure next summer I will do better :0)


The Mom said...

oh my gosh I just drafted a post very similar to this! summer get shorter every year!

Rochelle said...

Workbooks? Oh crap! Where are all those workbooks I bought?? Only 8 days to cram in a summer's worth of workbook pages!

Thanks for the reminder!